About the Dialysis Fund

The creators of High Seas Rally, Dean and Debbie Anderson devised a brilliant new way to rally. They knew the World’s Only Biker Rally on a Cruise Ship would be an experience of a lifetime. Dean had an inherited kidney disease and both knew kidney failure was less than a decade away. Through Debbie’s research she was surprised there was no treatment for it and no way to travel with the refrigerator size dialysis machine once the kidneys fail.

Dean’s family has a tragic history of hereditary kidney disease. Dean and Debbie know all too well the hardship and restrictions of travel for kidney dialysis patients. Kidney Dialysis patients rarely travel because they must be tied to a blood cleansing machine for several hours 2-4 times a week, just to extend their lives, while hoping for a transplant.

Bikers are usually the first to donate to a great humanitarian cause. Debbie created this entire Dialysis fund from scratch. The only charity in the world for a FREE dialysis patient vacation. Then tailored it to the  friends that needed it most and were medically and financially unable to make the cruise. Dean and Debbie tested the idea of funding dialysis patients’ cruises on their maiden voyage in 2003. They quickly found that very few were aware of this medical dilemma. Debbie spearheaded the effort on her own to make this possible. She proceeded on to contract a company called Dialysis At Sea to perform the dialysis treatments. – Dean and Debbie payed for this medical company to provide dialysis treatments for the 1st year’s cruise in 2003 out of their own pocket – confident the bikers on board would embrace this worthwhile charity.

Boy did they ever! Now this “About Us” section is just as much ABOUT THEM. These fun loving, good natured bikers enjoy SEEING their donations doing good and that powers this charity. By socializing with their new dialysis patient friends on their vacation of a lifetime, they can actually see the results of their donations and where the money goes. Many patients and passengers become lifelong friends. Everyone is also educated on the impact of kidney failure and its effects.

The Anderson’s are quick to point out this is not so much a “charity rally” as it is a rally that benefits a charity. This means none of your cabin costs goes to the charity. Donating is 100% voluntary. You donate by entering the special High Seas Rally games and raffles on the ship. Dean and Debbie felt you can seamlessly have the time of your life and help a great cause at the same time. The more fun the rally passengers have, the more money the fund collects. By raising an average of $200,000.00 in one week from approx. 1,800 bikers, we’d say they are having a blast! Doesn’t hurt that the games provide winnings of over $250,000.00 in cash and vendor prizes also.

Dean and Debbie Anderson are the founders, developers, chief cooks and bottle washers of both Debbie’s Dialysis Fund and the High Seas Rally. Until 2013, not one dime of the money raised went to  administration fees. Debbie did it all for free.  After a 40 year high school sweetheart marriage and just when things were getting easier and the fund was becoming 100% self supporting, Debbie passed away while on board the 10th Anniversary High Seas Rally cruise in 2012 of cancer complications doing what she loved to do. The dialysis fund was her baby. Debbie stayed just long enough to see it through. Her husband Dean received a kidney transplant himself in the summer of 2014 and now carries on with a new angel and now wife, Susan.

Dialysis Patient Info


Debbie’s Dialysis Fund pays for:

• Each patient’s dialysis treatments, which has risen to $1,200.00 per treatment. An average of $3,600.00 per patient, per week for 3 treatments each.

• Each dialysis patient and their companions Deluxe Balcony Stateroom. Average price is $3,600.00 in the Caribbean/$4,900.00 in Alaska or equivalent amount toward another cabin category of your choice. Balcony cabin pricing may very depending on the HIGH SEAS RALLY  you attend.

• Dialysis patient and companion’s airfare, if flying from anywhere within the continental U.S. and Canada.

I night Hotel stay at the port the night prior to the cruise departure date.

• Medical staff and equipment.$22,000-$29,000.

• Shore Excursion expenses. Debbie’s  Dialysis Fund will also give each dialysis patient cash to spend as they like during the rally – this varies depending on how many patients are on board and money raised previous cruise but usually between $300-$1,000


Dialysis patients are responsible for the following:

• Each Dialysis patient is required to bring a second person (caregiver) in the cabin.  They must be at least 21 years of age.

Debbie’s Dialysis Fund also pays for the Caregivers half of the cabin as well as their airfare. Making this a completely FREE vacation for the patient and their caregiver. Just what Debbie always wanted.

• Patients must fill out the Dialysis Fund Application, be selected and cruise be reserved through High Seas Rally.

• Patients must produce treatment and medical information in conjunction with Dialysis at Sea’s requirements prior to the rally. For more information check out their website: www.dialysisatsea.com

How many Dialysis Patients can attend?

Each rally accommodates 10 to 14 Hemo-Dialysis patients. Dialysis treatments must be performed in the ship’s infirmary. Therefore, the size of the ships infirmary determines just how many patients can receive treatments. Since we use different ships for different rallies, it can vary between 10 to 15 patients. Our ship choices are few because many ships do not allow the dialysis team.


Donations are collected during our 1 or 2 yearly rallies by participating in DEBBIE’S DIALYSIS FUND games and raffles during the cruises and a live auction on the last day. The  auction contains one off party banners, motorcycle art, celebrity guitars, Nascar items and many special donated or handmade items. The games and raffles alone paying out nearly $200,000 alone to participants.